I have had the opportunity to learn from pretty much every driving instructor at City Driver’s Training. All of them are very knowledgeable and extremely nice people. I had most of the in-car lessons with Hashem and Radek. Hashem is very patient and observant. He figured out my driving errors and weaknesses, and he worked diligently to make sure that I overcome my shortcomings. Radek, on the other hand, is absolutely a great person and an amazing driving instructor. His focus on teaching not only regular driving but also defensive driving is remarkable. He is the person to ask for if you want to know about the “do(s) and don’t(s)” of the road test. While driving on road with Radek, his friendly demeanour and an awesome sense of humour plays an effective role in keeping you relaxed and focused on the road. With this, along with various other positive factors, City Driver’s Training takes away my sincerest recommendations.

Mir Irteza

MUST READ THIS IF EVER YOU WOULD WANT TO HAVE DRIVING LESSONS.I would definitely recommend City Drivers Training !!! I tried ABC driving school before but my lady instructor was not calm. She was really scared and freaked out when we went to 60km road but I know that we have to practice on that road. In my 10hours with her, I did not learn how to drive but I have had learned how to panic and be scared everytime when Im driving.(Shes more scared than me) .She would hold the steering wheel all the time and woud use the pedal (this is really true). Basically, she was driving, not me. BEWARE!! Thats there strategies so the student would keep enrolling for more hours and would not pass the road test!I decided to look for another driving school. I dont wanna enroll yet to any driving school because of my experienced in ABC. So I tried one hour driving lesson with Radek. In that one hour, Ive learned how to turn the wheels and drive very calm.(yes, I can not even turn the car after 10 …

Zoo Phobia

I had been to other driving schools this was the most organized informing one! Shawn is an amazing instructor he helped not only maked sure we got it but he brought life to his lectures and kept it fun. Inam and Fazel where my two main driving instructors they where very understanding and patient they made sure I knew where I needed improvement and helped me work on that. All the instructors I worked with where amazing the staff is awesome and always there to answer any questions you have. I would definitely recommend this school!
Sharrifa Mohammed

I just finished my 4th day of the in-class portion of drivers ED with Shawn Carriere yesterday. He is an amazing instructor and works hard to keep the attention of the students while teaching everything you need to know. In-class time just flies by and his jokes will keep you entertained ? I`m glad I got the opportunity to learn from him and would absolutely recommend him to any and everyone. Thanks Shawn!
Ayan Ahmed

Thank you so much! I really recommend investing into City driver’s training. Shawn was very informative, funny, and helpful. Radek was my driving instructor, he was also very friendly, he gave me lots of tips which made me confident in my driving. This course helped me improve on road/car knowledge. Customer service was great!
Sandy Panchi

This was great. No complaints. Would definitely recommend it to any one who wants to pass the G2 or G test.
Chris Gardner

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