Online Course BDE

Description of Online BDE Course:

The online BDE course is provided through a digital platform.  The course consists of 20-hours of online theory, 10-hours of private in-car training and 10-hours of homelink assignments.  All requirements of the online portion must be complete before your driving lessons can commence.   Students can easily set up their own profile to start and finish the course at their own convenience.  There are no zoom classes to attend and no daily required work to complete.

Our Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved Online BDE Course is $610 on SALE, which includes:

Benefits of Online BDE training:

Our online BDE course is provided through a digital platform where the course content is provided to the student to complete at their own pace. Each student will create their own profile to which they can login and complete work as they go. There is no expected amount of time a student is to spend on the course daily. There are no zoom classes to attend.

Students are always encouraged to email us any time if they have any questions or need assistance. Our office lines are also open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

All of the course content is uploaded and is available to complete at the student’s convenience.  Once the theory part of the online program is completed the student will then advance to the homelink assignments (homework) to which they can again complete on their own time and submit online.  There is a course completion deadline of one year, the student must finish the online portion as well as the driving lessons within this time frame.

Once the student has completed the online portion, their work will be graded. This can take a few days. It is important for the student to ensure they have submitted everything they need too to make this process faster.

Yes, the instructor will go directly to your home to pick up and drop off.

Our driving schedule is actually available to students 24/7 from their online portal (access to this will be given at a later time).  They can book their driving lessons according to their availability.  We have driving lessons available seven days a week starting from 7am to 8pm.  You’ll be able to book lessons either before school starts or after and on weekends.

We always encourage the students to book a lesson with each instructor that we have.  You will have the option to see who is available to drive with and choose whichever instructor you like.

If you feel like you have questions or want to clarify something from the above information please let me know and we can talk directly.

In addition to the course tuition fee, there is a $15.00 MTO fee that is due before your driving lessons begin.