Road Test Packages Ottawa

Driving is not an easy task but is a task worth mastering. Driver training will ensure you develop your driving skills before your driving test in Ottawa and help you to be an amazing driver from day one. If you have any questions or concerns about our driving courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Whether you want to get, renew, reinstate, or exchange a driver’s license in Ontario, you must first pass three different sorts of testing or examinations before being allowed to drive on the streets. The driving test in Ottawa might not be easy but with the right training and driving lessons, you will be able to ace the driving test in Ottawa and get your driver’s license.

City Drivers Training, an Ottawa driving school, is a Ministry of Transportation Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. Our Ottawa, Ontario driving school strives on providing drivers training courses that are well designed and most effective within the Ottawa region. Our driving instructors are highly knowledgeable about the driving rules and regulations within the city and have the needed experience to ensure you are prepared for your driving test in Ottawa.

To book a road test yourself, please call Drivetest at 1-888-570-6110 or use their online booking system. Please note that DriveTest, nor the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), will provide a car for your road test. You must supply your own car that meets Ontario.

Safety Standards for the test. If you do not have a car we can provide you with one for your driving test in Ottawa.

Preparing For Your Driving Test in Ottawa

In most cases, to get your full “G” Class License, you will be required to successfully pass two road tests. You will take one road test to move from G1 to G2, and then another road test to move from G2 to G. Taking a beginner’s driver education course also known as “g road test training” through City Drivers Training will reduce the amount of time you need to wait before taking the G1-G2 road test.

City Drivers Training provides a number of services that can assist you in preparing for your driving test in Ottawa. Click to view our driver training services or course packages.

Our Ottawa driving school can:


Book an early road test for you For those students who sign up for a course package or a car rental, City Drivers Training will book your road test for you. We can get your road test earlier!


Provide Lesson Before your Road Test


Rent a car for your Road Test

Our Ottawa G Road Test Training Packages include:

NOTE: To get G2 License(G1 exit Road test) G1 to get G2. For the full G level(G2 exit Road test) G2 to get G there is $15 price increase since the actual test is almost twice as long.